Retro Roulette! A Random Game for an hour!

Retro Roulette! A Random Game for an hour!

Welcome to a new feature, it’s called Retro – Roulette. In it I randomly select a game from a variety of systems and play it from anywhere from 30 minutes to an hour, depending on the complexity of the game.

One Shot One Kill is a light gun arcade game released I’m guessing between the 1980’s to 90s. In it are a variety of mini-games that have you shooting at different goals. Since I don’t have a light gun handy and was using a controller the game was extremely hard to control.

After beating the first game, which consisted of shooting a metal can 15 times you are presented with 4 different mini games to choose from.

From top left to top right, to the bottom left, to bottom right. Three people sleeping and you have to shoot what can only be described as dream bubbles from their mouths. The bear hearts, piranhas that try to bite at people’s asses. To shooting people who try to skip paying for what I like to think is a subway toll in a major city.

I can’t stress how awful the controls were, using the analog stick and have it being super sensitive made for a unique experience. Even so, I have to admit I had fun with the game. In most of the mini-games you had to shoot the correct object about 15 times, I was fine doing that, it was the subway toll game that I couldn’t beat because you only had a set amount of misses you can let go and the controls didn’t allow for fine shooting. It’s a shame because I really wanted to see if there were more games after these initial four.

If I like the game, I’ll give a quarter to it. This game get’s one!

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