Destiny or Fate – Card based roguelike

Destiny or Fate – Card based roguelike

The deck building roguelike genre is gaining some traction. How does Destiny or Fate stack up? Click on through to find out!

Destiny or Fate is a card based roguelike. When facing enemies you are presented with five cards, each with different abilities, such as attacking for twenty points, defending for fifteen or other varied cards like poisoning.


At the start of the game, you choose your champion, each with different abilities such as the Ninja (my personal favorite) having Camouflage that evades an attack, to the healer, who can heal for fifteen points when her health is below thirty percent.

When you start you are presented with a map with different nodes. You choose which node you want to go to. There are different kind of nodes, enemy, elite enemy, shop, and a random event.

Battles are turn based, each card has a cost value associated with it, for example you have a limit of three ability points. Attacking uses up one point but special cards may use two at once. There is strategy involved, do you use points and add defense or do you go all out and attack three times. After certain conditions are met, you are presented with your heroes special abilities.

Once enemies are defeated, you can recruit them to your side. Enemies all have unique abilities as well, such as healing or poisoning. Including yourself, you can have a total of four members on your team.

After each battle, you earn gold, Blue and Red Crystals, and Mastery Points. Blue crystals are used when recruiting enemies after defeating them. Red crystals enchant heroes, and Mastery points recruit heroes. You also get to choose a card from three different ones, these go into your deck.

I can see myself playing this game for a long time, I’m having a lot of fun even while not getting very far, but I’m slowly learning the game. I wonder if the fun would increase if I could build a custom deck, if that’s even viable. Destiny or Fate is still in early access and I look forward to future updates.

Overall, Destiny or Fate is great at this step, and can only get better. If you like Hand of Fate, or Slay the Spire, I highly recommend this game.

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