Mega Man 3 – iterate!

Mega Man 3 – iterate!

The fun continues and Capcom keeps on bringing the fun!

Mega Man 3 takes place during an unspecified year during the 21st century (20XX). The mad scientist Dr. Wily, having twice had plans for world domination dashed, claims to have reformed and begins work with Dr. Light on a project to build a peace-keeping robot named “Gamma”. Robot Masters in charge of a set of “mining worlds”, however, go berserk and make off with Gamma’s eight power crystals. Mega Man is called into action, this time with a canine companion named Rush, to retrieve the crystals from the sites.

Capcom found a formula that works, beat eight Robot Masters, take their weapon’s powers, use those powers against other RMs that are weak to them and go to Dr. Wily’s tower.

New additions include the introduction of Mega Man’s “Brother”, Proto Man, who in different levels beams down and fights you. Nothing is said about him and it’s a nice mystery.

Also, Mega Man has a companion in the form of a robotic dog named Rush. Rush takes the place of part two’s equipment. He transforms into a jet back, and an RC Coil which uses Rush as a platform that makes you jump high. Finally, we have the Rush submarine vehicle that you can shoot out of.

Boss favorite, Yellow Devil also makes a return. Robot Master designers continue to surprise with great designs and unique weapons, but Capcom does falter a bit. Top Man? A truly strange boss, with his special move making you just twirl in the air. Level design is still tight as usual and is a joy to play through.

After beating the eight Robot Masters, Mega Man 3 surprises with four more robots that contain powers from Mega Man 1 RMs. Once beat you head to Dr. Wilys fortress yet again using all the powers earned to make your way through.

Graphics continue to shine, each boss level shares the Robot Master design. Snake Man is my favorite, filled with green robotic imagery. Every once in a while you stop to fight a giant snake head while the ground does a wave, you head into the clouds and catch rides while trying to avoid enemies.

Magnet Man has an enemy that shoots you up towards themselves once they pass overhead, how’s that for magnetism!

The sound in Mega Man 3 astounds. Capcom truly outdid themselves with this soundtrack but again this is an area that Mega Man rarely faltered in. Magnet Man is possibly my favorite Mega Man track of all time. Whenever Proto Man appears his signature whistle tune shines through. There’s not really much to be said. It’s near perfect.

Snake Man is my favorite Robot Master, The design is pretty good but it’s level that brings him over the edge. His level nails what I would think a robot like SM would have design.

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