My New Year’s Resolution to beat more games, is in effect!

For my 2019 New Year’s resolution, I made a promise to myself, to beat more games this year more than any other. Two weeks later it has begun. Mega Man 1 has been complete, and I would have nothing else. (Okay, maybe MM 2 should have been it since its my favorite, but no one needs to know.

#1 – Mega Man 1
Completion Time: About Two Hours

Comments: Considered to be one of the hardest Mega Man games of all time, In my opinion part 4 is. I played using the Legacy edition which let’s you rewind time to stop from getting hit by living the future. It was fun!

#2 – Mega Man 2

Comments: I used to be able to beat this game using only one life back in my childhood. This is in my top favorite games of all time and I try to beat it at least once a year. I had a lot of fun.

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