’s 2019 Website Roadmap

Having a year mapped out and have reachable goals is a good thing in my book. This is my 2019 Roadmap.

#1 – Beat 6 Big Budget Games in one year! (I’m guilty of buying hot titles, and playing them for about 6 hours before I shelf them again
. To cheat I’ll be using
since I have hundreds of games I haven’t even touched. This way I can see how long games are.
#2 – Review or just Preview one game a week for the whole year. This will be a hard one to do. It’s already two weeks in and I have none, Kynseed doesn’t count.
#3. – More Interviews for the indie gamers out there, they really do need all the publicity, Loria I’m looking at you.
#4. – Ramping up my Dragon Man / Quiz VideoGame, you can check progress over at

That about sums up my 2019 Roadmap! I’m sure I’ve forgotten something. I’ll be posting every game I complete here for motivation purposes.

That’s all, Stay Tuned!

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