Am I the only one that’s hyped for the Nintendo Online service?

Am I the only one that’s hyped for the Nintendo Online service?

I was everyone’s panties in a bunch over Nintendo’s Online service? Let me see if I can help

I get the hate, games that have been sold to us since GameCube or newer right? I’ve avoided all those. I’m very looking forward to the classic games being able to be played online, but that’s probably the old school me. Shit, if they have games like Mario and you have to sit there and watch player 1 play until he dies, I would love that too.

Does anyone have a list of the classic games coming?

Then there’s the checking in every 7 days, how many of you aren’t going to be around your switch for 7 days, don’t you need to dock it anyways to charge it? I know I leave my system docked right before I go to sleep.

Lastly the price, were you expecting all of these quality games to be playable online for free when everyone and their mother pays a price for everything, XBOX, PS4, PC Internet, MMO’s, that’s right for just 5$ more u can skip a world of warcraft month subscription add 5$ and you are good for 1 full year.

The games are quality, well worth the money charged to play them online and they aren’t done talking about everything the service will offer. I’m sure more games will be added for free and what if they start adding SNES? I’d be in heaven.


Lastly, the cloud saves, this I’m actually against BUT won’t the saves be on your memory stick anyways? So who cares, and besides you will know when your sub will be up and have a lot of time to back everything up.

So there you have it, I for one can’t wait until tomorrow, I want some quality NES games online, a call back to my youth. Sure these games have been introduced before, but never with online play.

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