The Grind in Role Playing Games – It’s Fun!

The Grind in Role Playing Games – It’s Fun!

In every RPG I play I grind, I love it too. Why though?

I didn’t always enjoy grinding, quite the opposite actually. Then a beautiful RPG and my favorite to this day came out and I was forced to grind. Lunar – Eternal Blue for the Sega CD. I didn’t have to grind much and was always able to make it passed bosses without breaking a sweat until I met the last boss. That son of a bitch took me for a ride with multiple forms and I was no match for it. I remember grinding for hours just to be able to beat him, I remember it being snowy outside and school getting canceled which I took a chance on by staying up late the night before playing it. That’s probably the only time I really enjoyed it until World of Warcraft came out.

If Lunar taught me that grinding could be satisfying, World of Warcraft taught me that it could be fun as well. The whole point of MMO’s are to grind, that’s just the nature of the beast, quests are mostly killing x amount of these and then bring them to me, so you can then kill x of those and bring it to me as well. Oh, you’re done killing things? Go down to the next town and do it all again. Sure the quests had a purpose but the objective’s remained the same for the most part.

Warcraft did to me what sleazeballs do to younger people and molded me to enjoy things I thought were not possible. In console RPGs, the grind is behind quests and main stories so it doesn’t feel like grinding until you hit a wall and have to. In MMORPGs, they take the veil off and you’re on your own. Looking back I’m glad because with just about every RPG I play now, I stick around an area longer than usual and just grind a few levels out, on the plus side it makes me feel more powerful when you actually get up and move to the next story section.

So, Thank You Lunar Eternal Blue, and Thank You World of Warcraft for making me appreciate games.

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