How do you get through your video game backlog?

How do you get through your video game backlog?

Sooner or later everyone accumulates too many games and too few hours to play them. This is how I deal.

Games, too many great games, too few hours. How do you deal? This is the time where all the heavy hitters come out. The Christmas window. In September alone we’ve had Destiny 2 – Forsaken, Dragon Quest XI, Spider-Man,  NHL 19, Tomb Raider, and that’s just a single month. In the next month We will have heavy hitters like the next Assassin’s Creed Odyssey, Mega Man, Call of Duty, Battlefield, I can sit here and just type the list on and on, but let’s not. Let’s figure out a way to deal with them.

One suggestion, simply put. Don’t buy them until you beat the ones you have. That’s sound advice, but there are sales, deeply discounted sales. Currently, Overwatch is on sale for 12$ as part of the Humble Bundle and when that month ends you get another 5+ games for free. Adding the rest to your steam account. Humble Bundle is always offering great deals, 150$+ of games for 10$ give or take a few dollars. Games are coming out the Ying Yang.

I received Octopath Traveler about 3 weeks ago and have put in 30+ hours into it. The game is fun as all hell and is old school as well. I’m talking a good 30 minutes of solid fighting a boss old-school. Besides that, how do you deal with your backlog?

Common sense, I play what I feel like playing, but sometimes I just sit here not knowing what to play because there are so many to choose from.

This is what I plan on doing, setting a specific time aside to play every night. Make room for 30 minutes to an hour every night to play a specific game until you complete it. Treat it like a TV Show that’s on 7 nights a week. I believe this might work (going to start it tonight) I get that you shouldn’t feel the need to play a game and that it should be a choice, but something needs to be done or your game library will get too big.

What are some of your methods to get through your collection? (Yakuza Kiwami, Weeknights at 9pm here I come!)

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