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Today someone messaged me wanting to know more about Fell Seal, I was more than happy to explain any that he might have, with his permission this is how the conversation went.

Snath: 9:45 AM
Im reading your fell seal report
Are you able to make your own character
Or just custom the story chara ters -_-
Moco: 9:49 AM
You can go to your guild and recruit more characters, you can then change their classes u can mix classes and have 1 character choose two different classes, you can also assign them abilities
its pretty fun
Snath: 9:50 AM
Can you name the ones you recruit ?
Moco 9:50 AM
off the top of my head, there are 20 classes to choose from btw, mercenary, wizard, healer, knight, thief
want me to go in and look for you?
Snath: 9:51 AM
Yes please
Ill buy the game if you can name them lol…
Moco: 9:52 AM
im going in right now, can i give u a screen shot or do u want me to type it out?
Snath:9:52 AM
Nah i just want to know if you can name people you recruit
Moco: 9:53 AM
oooo like put custom names?
Snath: 9:53 AM
Snath: 9:54 AM
So the game gives them random names or just “mage” and “healer”
Moco: 9:54 AM
you can name it
Moco: 9:54 AM
ok so check it out
Snath: 9:54 AM
Buying it soon as i get home
Moco: 9:55 AM
mercenary, knight, scoundrel, mender, wizard, for the beginning
then you can customize skin tone, hair, facial here, all of that good stuff
Snath: 9:56 AM sold thank you
Moco: 9:56 AM
hey do you mind if i use this converstation and post it on my website, its good to have more information for my viewers
Snath: 9:57 AM
Moco: 9:57 AM
Snath: 9:57 AM
Your website log just sold another copy of the game lol
Moco: 9:57 AM
i love it
Snath: 9:59 AM
Is it more like ff tactics or disgaea
Moco: 9:59 AM
alot more like ff tactics
disgaea is more over the top damage etc
this one is more serious both in damage and story
did you read my post?
about the game
Snath: 10:00 AM
I was trying to read it but i know you. So i just asked ya my main question and im sold
Moco: 10:00 AM
thats awesome

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