The Bee Team – A look at World of Warcraft – Battle for Azeroth’s mini Quest Line

The Bee Team – A look at World of Warcraft – Battle for Azeroth’s mini Quest Line

Seeing how much work the developers over at Blizzard put into making World of Warcraft is amazing and much appreciated. Brimming at the seams filled with quests they can’t all be winners. Sometimes though, SOMETIMES a little quest line is very enjoyable. This is my tale of the Battle for Azeroth and the Bees!

Before I start, How do I get the Bee mount in Battle for Azeroth?

Battle for Azeroth like most expansions is stuffed to the brim with content, more on that in my initial impressions. Every now and then a quest line surprises you. I ran into a child named Ancel who was looking for his father. His father always returns home you see and Ancel was getting worried, and rightfully so. Ancel asked me to go look for his father and I being the nice guy I am couldn’t turn the poor kid down.

On my journey, I encountered honey that was moving and another honey monster. Everywhere there was honey splashed and honeycombs about. I finally caught up to Ancel’s father and he was stuck near a desk, legs entangled in honey, I, of course, helped him out. His name escapes me but Ancel’s father was performing tests on bees and honey to increase production. It worked, and it worked too well.

People were starting to get encased in honey, I had to save some, I also had to kill bees. The bees were growing to abnormal proportions, some looked even big enough to ride, and from what I’ve seen it’s true! I was tasked with killing the giant queen bee and I did so, effortlessly may I add. I had a blast doing this, and I’m nowhere as detailed as what the actual quests had me doing. I even had the ability to throw an item at Bigfoot-like monsters and the bees would attack it. So I did what was natural, I would round about 3-4 Bigfoot and call the bees to come and help me take them out. Pure fun!

The whole point of this is, is that Blizzard continues to find new ways to surprise me with these small storylines all while an all-out war with the horde is commencing as I was doing my thing. You know a game is good when you take a break NOT from playing the game, but to fish or do the pokemon-ish pet battles.

I can only guess what else is in store.

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