New Year, New Review System.

It”s the New Year and it’s time for a review shake-up. I like structure and the way I was reviewing games, lacked it. This new ‘system’ will help guide me and make the review overall more informative. Here we go.

From here on, I’ll explain how my reviews will work via the same format I’ll use for games.

Review Do-Over – Journal
Release Date: 1-16-17
Time Played – 1 hour is a website that reviews games, technology and everything in between, it’s sprinkled with personal stories as well.

This is where the main information comes in, what I think about the gameplay, music and everything else.

I liked how reviews were before but I think I’ll like them even more now, now I have structure, now I can focus on different categories.

I don’t like that I don’t want to clutter everything up with more options within all of this. Sections for music, gameplay, should be there but I think I can make it without it.

The trophies will remain, but will not be used as they were before. 10 = Platinum, 9 = Gold, 8 = Silver, and 7 = Bronze

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