Time to try something new, Re-Introducing – Dragon Man

Boredom has led me to try my hand at something I’ve never done before, something that should improve my game making skills. The game is Dragon Man and hopefully it’s fun, more after the jump!

Dragon Man was a comic I made as a kid in the third grade, and any gamer can see who it’s based off of, from a single glance. I’ve always wanted to make a game based off Mega Man but my limited knowledge of programming, prevented me. That is until Klik & Play and in the future Multimedia Fusion ( 2 ) came into play. Shout out to http://www.clickteam.com/

MMF2 is software that allows you to make any kind of Video Game your heart desires with no programming knowledge required. It uses a simple system for example a line of code might say: “If ‘Player Object’ collides with ‘Platform’ then have ‘Player Object’ Bounce (note* that the player character does not actually bounce it just treats the character like any platformer would, and stands on it. I have a goal in mind. Three playable levels or more to be published in one week. I might create a set template, for example, an auto scroll level, a regular platforming level, or something unusual and new.


I’m a pretty slow creator in just about two years, I’ve crafted about 15 different sets of levels. I don’t even have the movement down pat or the shooting and enemies for the most part. I suck at creating new enemies, but I’ll try anyways. I’m starting these set of blog posts for the feedback on what I can improve and what I am doing right.





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