Video Game Journalism, Content Update, Slacking, and an upcoming revamp!

Video Game Journalism, Content Update, Slacking, and an upcoming revamp!

You are probably wondering, “Hey, where’s the new videogame content?” click on to see why.

So, yeah, I slacked the entire month of May of 2017. There’s no reason for it, I was just getting tired, playing, writing, making videos, believe it or not, takes a lot out of you. It’s something I love to do though so I will still be doing it. Things, however, are going to change.

I’ll be injecting tons of personality into my posts, not like I wasn’t doing it before, but I’m going to try harder. I think, for me at least, personality is hard to get across. I like making stories from the gameplay I experienced, not your ‘I went behind this car and looked out from the side’ but instead “I ran and slid behind the car, peeking my head out while trying to avoid being seen” (drawing from PlayerUnknown). This brings us to:

More stories equals more content. I go through gaming phases (that’s a post in itself) whether it’s interesting or not is up for debate (IMO yes), but I look at this site as sort of a gaming journal, whenever I feel like writing I’ll just make a post or two describing how I felt. There will be tutorials, printable move lists or unit counter sheets (examples already on the site), computer problem workarounds. Short opinion posts, etc, etc. To get everything ready and get a constant content stream going, I’m going take all of June to prepare, that’s a maybe though, I just like having a clean posting schedule.

Thank You, visitors, and I thank you for taking the time to look around.

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