My Persona 5 thoughts, 10 hours in.

My Persona 5 thoughts, 10 hours in.

I’ve been playing the fantastic Persona 5 for the PS4. These are my impressions so far.

Persona 5 Impressions
Release Date 4.4.2017

I’m not one for Spoilers so read on without worrying

I’m not a huge Persona fan, I remember playing it on my PlayStation way back in the 90’s, and played the more recent Persona 3 on the PS3. This might all change with the latest entry. Persona 5 is what I’d like to call Pokemon for adults, mixed with a school simulator. The story is mature and centered around a kid sent to a new school because he stepped in to protect a lady that was being attacked. The attacker sued the main character and said character was sent to live with someone. At least he has a place to sleep now, and that’s the gist of it.

The beginning stages are a slow burn, you will get a taste of combat in the opening sequence but after that, it will take quite some time before you get another chance. That’s not a problem as the story is interesting enough. The characters are well developed too, as I’m getting to know the first person you meet, they seem to be quite fleshed out and real. The voice work is excellent as well and a lot of the text is spoken. There are also animated cut-scenes throughout,  these are top notch high-quality sequences, At the 9-hour mark, I’m finally getting to explore the game’s first dungeon at my own pace and I’m loving it.

Moving around and battling is tight and fluid. Character design is excellent with most characters having facial artwork done even for non-main NPCs.

The style of this game is incredible, it is absolutely exploding and oozing with character and personality. From your characters names in battles, to simply hitting the option button, I couldn’t think of anything more that could have been “styled” up. If the style was contained in a pot the the top would blow off and everyone around it would be laughing hysterically and pointing every which way, as their faces are melted off but not before skin is all bubbled up from 3rd-degree burns, that’s how over the top it is.

The Persona’s themselves have that trademark weirdness to them, from the trademark pixies, to a devil looking creature with a long cone sticking out of where his cock should be, these are a real treat and I can’t wait to see what else they come up with.

Overall I give this near ten hour trek a 9.0 , time will tell if it will hold my interest as games really do these days.


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