Playing every Final Fantasy title, and rating them, can I actually do it?

I’m going to try and play every Final Fantasy game, starting with the PSone’s origins ( Final Fantasy 1 & 2 ). I’m in for a treat, I’ve only beaten part IX and VII.

Final Fantasy Series Playthrough Introduction.

Hundreds upon hundreds of hours are available through the Final Fantasy Series, this series is probably the most influential genre of any kind games.

Every game has a complete set of new characters, with only minor threads characters and objects that tie them together. Like crystals, Moogles, Chocobos, Airships and Cid. We can’t forget the Star Wars reference, Vicks and Wedge either.

I’m going to attempt to play through them all, I actually own every single main entry along with FF tactics.

So without further stalling let’s get right to it.

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