Ubisoft has given us a unique fighter. For Honor.

Not your typical fighter, For Honor is a different take on your standard brawler and I’m liking what it does.

As mentioned, this is a different take on your standard fighter. I haven’t played Dragon Ball Z or Naruto, but they look similar to the way this work, in the way of moving around the field. In For Honor, there are three types of, I’ll call them clans. Knights, Vikings, and Samurai. Each with their own types of battlers. Quick, Heavy, and Defense.

You attack with the right bumpers and can charge and throw with one of the face buttons. The right analog stick controls your attack and block directions. For example, I tap the analog stick to the left and hit the right bumper, the opponent notices my angle and then too, hits the right analog stick to the left, my attack is blocked. I quickly hit it up and attack and bam, he wasn’t ready for it and my attack connects. This makes for some exciting gameplay, you can also dodge and kick/check your opponent off bridges or into other hazards.

I’ll have a full detailed impression soon, for now check out the video.

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