Incoming Transmission – Ghetto Star Wars

From the maker of Ghetto Azeroth comes… GHETTO STAR WARS!!! Join FiftyCopper Moço as he traverses planet to planet, voyaging across the galaxy to fulfill his duties as a Sith Warrior, and crushing anyone in his path. This ain’t no nice sith! Hit the jump for more.

The Introduction!

Hello once again everyone, it is time to start a new journey, in a new game, in a different style, in a bla bla bla. I had a lot of fun role playing Fiffty Copper in World of Warcraft, but in the end, unfortunately, I got sick of it because it was so demanding. After what seems to be a year taken off of playing Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic. I am back and feeling refreshed. So what is there to do? Bring Fifty Copper’s fresh point of view of course.

I will be playing a Sith Marauder, a dual light saber holding beast. He will not be a kind person, although he might show mercy every now and then. I think it will be a lot of fun to play.

SWTOR is different than your typical MMO, as it is more story based. Each class has their own story and it cost a record millions of dollars to make. Here are some of my golds I hope to achieve.

  1. Make it to level cap
  2. Stick to the story missions
  3. PVP Stories, and space combat
  4. Document certain parts in video
  5. Of course make fun to read posts of my journey

Thank you for your time and I hope you enjoy reading!

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