My worst Day Ever…. the day I wanted to rent Tobal for the Final Fantasy VII Demo

My worst Day Ever…. the day I wanted to rent Tobal for the Final Fantasy VII Demo

This is probably my worst day ever, so many events that went wrong in a single day, just trying to get Tobal for the PlayStation One, for the Final Fantasy VII ( 7 ) demo that came packed in with it. This is my story.

Final Fantasy VII Demo

I still remember it perfectly, not because of the game Final Fantasy VII demo was the most important thing to me during that time, but also because of the series of events that happened to me on my way to get it. It was around September of 1996, I was about 14 years old and had my PlayStation One with me, giving me the joy of such classics as Suikoden and Wild Arms ( I’m not looking at you Beyond the Beyond ). The hype train was at full speed ahead with Final Fantasy VII, nothing quite looked like it, a 3D game, that used pre-rendered backgrounds with polygon characters, a mature storyline and that would go on to captivate millions.

Upon calling my semi-local game rental place, Super Games, I was surprised and full of happiness that they actually had Tobal ( the real full game that came with the FF7 Demo Disk). To most Tobal was the actual demo disk. I asked to put it on hold for me and BAM off I went. None of my family members would be able to bring me, that would be too simple. So like I often did, I got on my bike and started to make my way there.

Heading outside it was gloomy, it looked like it was going to rain at any moment, off I went anyway, because, hey, it’s Final Fantasy 7. The Journey would be a long one, here it is below. Twenty Four minutes. 24 minutes for a 14-year-old, biking on the highway.

On my way there I started to feel drops, “Great!” it started to rain, it’s okay though because, in the end, it would be worth it. After what seemed like forever I finally arrived at Super Games, right near. Hawaiin Pizza Place.

There was only one thing. Super Games had moved to another location! What a disappointment, oh well, brush it off and go to their new location. Add 16 minutes to the ride, no biggie. After finally getting to the new location, I’m all hyped up. I go right to the counter and ask for it. “You took too long”. Really?? After all this riding, I took too long?. What an extreme feeling of let down. I was scarred for life. I wouldn’t go home empty-handed though I picked another game which wasn’t important because I don’t remember it.

I’d take my losses, there was a McDonalds near by so I stopped there because there was a promotion, 5 chicken nuggets for 1$ I think. I got there, I ordered, oh boy the promotion was over and I didn’t have enough money. Great, I’ll ride back to my house with no energy. I was just waiting for a bird to come by and shit on me, too bad because it would’ve made this story better.

I did end up getting the demo later and played through it tons of times, but I’ll never forget these series of events. My worst day ever.

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