Smite Download Mirror, InstallSmite.exe , + Tactics Google Drive, Real Deal!

Here you will find to Download InstallSmite.exe & InstallSmiteTactics.exe , they are up at Google Drive and available at a high-speed download rate. Don’t waste time searching through ad-filledĀ sites. Just download it here.

SmiteĀ & Smite Tactics
Alternative Mirror Downloads
Scanned & Found Virus Free
InstallSmite.exe & InstallSmiteTactics.exe

I wanted to get back into Smite and upon entering the main website the downloads always timed out. I finally found one after tons of searching through fake sites and everything else. Here are both InstallSmite.exe , and InstalSmiteTactics.exe.

They have been scanned for viruses (Avast) and put on Google Drive for decent speeds. If you used this, please leave a comment down below so I know that it’s helping people. No need to register. Thank You



Virus Free

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