Criminal Girls – Invite Only – How to remove Censorship ( pink smoke removal and more )

This post will show you how to remove censorship from the game Criminal Girls – Invite Only. Voice restoration will be put up as soon as possible

How to Remove Censorship from Criminal Girls
Pink Smoke Removal

1. – Download this file: ( steam_criminal.exe – you need it to replace the original exe) – – *note, file has been scanned, and ┬áis virus free.

2. – Navigate to “\Steam\steamapps\common\Criminal Girls Invite Only” (or wherever you installed steam) and backup the original EXE (steam_criminal.exe) just make a folder in that directory, call it “original EXE” or whatever you would like.

3. – Drop the downloaded EXE into the main directory.

That’s all there is to it! This removes the pink smoke. Other methods to remove more censorship are being worked on. They will appear on this page when they are released.

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