Ghetto Azeroth – Blade’s Edge Mountains – Short Stories #1 – (Levels 66 – 67)

I am Fiffty Copper
I am Fiffty Copper

Chapter 18 – Entry #1- Blade’s Edge Mountains
Blade’s Edge Mountains – Stories- Vol. 1
Level 66 – 67

Vindicator Vuuleen


Blade's Edge Mountains
Blade’s Edge Mountains

While killing Bloodspire ogres, I came across a female troll in a cage. Strangely enough she said she didn’t want to leave and could bust out anytime she wanted to. She was there to gather intel on the ogres, BUT, she did need her sword and shield, she asked me to do it and I said yes.

I retrieved her weapons but death of the ogres came with it. Am I a fool to have done this? It’s not possible that EVERY ogre is a bad one. I gave the sword and shield to her, and she told me about the leader of Bladespire Hold. His name is Gorr’ Dim. He’s crafty enough to have made his clan the favorite of Gruul the Dragon killer. They now dominate the lands and Gorr’Dim keeps an entourage at all times.

I’m not seeing this to be a hard job, actually ever since the start of this, I really haven’t had that tough of a time. There’s been some risky and dangerous fights but I must say, it feels like my master is always with me.

Gorr'Dim's Hut
Gorr’Dim’s Hut

I killed him and his entourage. There were five of them, the two near the hut entrance were my first targets. I got their attention and pulled them further out and killed them, one ogre at a time. The second ogre went the same way. Now there were three more ogres, including the master, Gorr’Dim. I pulled the two entourage aka bodyguards away from Gorr’dim. For the first time I felt a stronger than usual power. I called out my three spirits Storm, Earth, and Fire. They helped me out a lot, along with fists of fury. They couldn’t take all this punishment.

Gorr'Dim, right before getting a jab to his throat
Gorr’Dim, right before getting a jab to his throat

Finally came Gorr’Dim. He started with chanting to summon an enemy of some sort, I jabbed him in the throat preventing this. Then I somersault hit him and he stumbled backwards. I took a few rushed steps towards him and once again my Fists of Fury had not let me down. He’s laying flat, knocked out, right now.

I reported back to Vindicator Vuuleen, and she said I had to do one more thing. She wanted me to steal a flag from one of Bladespire champion, and take it to Bloodmaul Outpost and plant it atop their Northmaul Tower. This will infuriate the Bloodmaul and they will come to attack me tirelessly. I will know that I’ve finished my the quest, when I have defeated Gurn Gurbnosh and taken his helm. Return the helm with me, she said.

The tower that I would put the enemy ogre's banner on.
The tower that I would put the enemy ogre’s banner on.

As I took a little time finding the damn Champion ogre, when I finally reached him I put him down quick, he didn’t see me coming. I pulled out the Bladespire flag from his pockets and off I went to put it in the To the Bloodmaul camp, I went to the highest tower they had and set up Bloodspire Flag. I found it a little amusing, of course they did not.

In just a few minutes they were coming after me, only in groups of two. Group after group I took care of them. Finally Gurn Gurbnosh was slain, and I feel good, knowing that this ogre would not be causing any trouble in this land.

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