Ghetto Azeroth – Blade’s Edge Mountains – Short Quests #2 – (Levels 66 – 67)

I am Fiffty Copper
I am Fiffty Copper


Chapter 18 – Entry #2- Blade’s Edge Mountains
Blade’s Edge Mountains – Stories- Vol. 2
Level 66 – 67

The Encroaching Wilderness

Fight a Lynx
Fighting a Lynx

The elves at Sylvanaar have been growing the Living Grove rapidly, but for some strange reason the lynx there have broken their control. Where once their population was stable, the grovestalker lynx are starting to enter Sylvanaar, and there have been some incidents as of late. She suspects the Arakkoa of Veil Lashh are behind it, but for right now, we should be handling the lynx. I layed out twelve lynx and reported back.

The Horde have taken a settlement to the east of us and they’ve brought a large amount of dire wolves. They have also been stalking our fey drakes, which are very important to us because we need them for the pollination of the Living Grove. Off I went to take care of these animals, I wonder to myself, what kind of magic are these things under. These wolves do not just attack anything. I guess my answer would come later.

The Bloodmaul Ogres

On my way to the ogres camp
On my way to the Bloodmaul Clan

There is a threat to Sylvanaar, from the native ogres of these mountains. They are to the south and east of us, down in the ravine lives the Bloodmaul clan. They aren’t the only group of ogres that threaten us here, but they are the closest. He gave me the directions to get there. He wanted me to slay as many Bloodmaul Ogres as possible, I think thirty is a nice figure. I came back with a big smile on my face, Skyshadow didn’t even have to say a word, we both knew what happened.

Commander Skyshadow tells me of another clan north of Bloodmaul. He says they are the strongest clan in the mountains, having the favor of the Gronn known as Gruul the Dragonkiller and his seven sons. Now having dealt with Bloodmaul it is our time to turn to Bloodspire. I was to do the same as Bloodmaul, kill a decent amount of them.

I reported back to Commander Skyshadow, and told him of my killings. He said what I had done with both tribes of ogres would secure Skylvanaar’s future for years to come. I was satisfied with that.

Brogrom Stouthammer

Entrance to a cave near an ogre camp
Entrance to a cave near an ogre camp

While I was going to the Bloodmaul’s camp Borgrim Stouthammer wanted me to get some beer. That’s pretty hilarious. There’s ogres threatening the very well being of his settlement and he wanted beer. I’d do it just because of how absurd it was. As I was just about to head out Bronwyn Stouthammer called me over and he wanted me to get crystals near the ogre clan as well.

When I got back to Brogrom he spit the beer out, he said it was “ill-smelling muck!” So he came up with a plan, he wanted me to bring the beer to another ogre camp, the Bladespire ogres, and see if they drink it all, I will proceed with the plans.

I did just that, I gave the ogres the beer and they all drank it. Nothing happened though. Brogrom said they would drink anything. I think he expected them to die or something. There wasn’t anything out of the ordinary with this quest. I also gave Browyn Stouthamm the crystals she wanted, she was tight-lipped on what she needed them for though.


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