Greatest feeling of being a Bad Ass of the Year goes to…..

Greatest feeling of being a Bad Ass of the Year goes to…..

Video games provide you with a whole range of emotions. They can be sad, make you happy, confused and/or aggravating. Today we will be talking about a game that provided me with feeling like the best, Total Bad Ass of the year!

Feeling Like a Complete BadAss Award
Mirror’s Edge – Catalyst

You’re running as fast as you can, a vent comes up. You vault over the vent and notice  another one. This time you slide under it. Soldiers are chasing you down, and there’s an impossible jump up ahead. Seeing a billboard you run across it and leap at the last second onto the next building. The soldiers don’t know what to do with themselves. This is Mirror’s Edge Catalyst.

Mirror’s Edge – Catalyst can be found for about ten to twenty dollars, and in my opinion it’s well worth it. This is not a review though, just a quick thought on what it feels like to control the main character, Faith.

Parkour is front and center, you’ll learn to run on billboards, vault over and under objects, as you play you gain more control. For example, at first when you jump over, let’s say, a pipe. You would stumble a tiny bit. Further in the game you learn a move that let’s you put to use a catapult maneuver to vault over it without slowing down. Jumping off a high up building will cause you to stumble when you hit the ground, another skill learned makes you roll when you hit the pavement to keep you moving. Not only do the moves help you, but the game has a  Time Trial feature, so having them is a must. This is just the parkour part of Mirror’s Edge

Fighting feels fantastic. You can control each of your legs, so you can run at the enemy slide and kick him so that he stumbles backwards. Then you move further in and can send a kick to the face. It’s all swift and satisfying. All of these elements make Mirror’s Edge a blast to play, and this is why it get’s the first official  ‘2016 Complete BadAss Award’.

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