Three weeks later, was the wait worth it? ( Final Fantasy XV )

Three weeks later, was the wait worth it? ( Final Fantasy XV )

It’s been three weeks since Final Fantasy XV was released. Did it live up to my high expectations? Did all the hype lead to a big letdown?

This is just a quick gloss over of the game, its graphics, story, music and other details. You won’t find major spoilers here, or even small ones besides, say, you don’t have access to ‘X’ for ‘X’ time, with ‘X’ being just a generic word. I hate spoilers, so I definitely will not be posting any here.

Final Fantasy XV was released just three weeks ago, and I’ve clocked in just over twenty hours into it. Now does it live up to the hype? Yes for the most part, yes it does, but there are some issues as well. The graphics are amazing, driving in the Opus and looking out towards the mountains in the distance is breath taking. Seeing monsters/creatures going about their business is cool and helps give the impression that this is a living world. The music is engaging and the orchestra scores sound beautiful. What about the story? Yes, this is the part where I think FFXV could have better represented itself. Let’s talk about all of FFXV.

Graphics, Final Fantasy XV is very colorful at times, and can be dreary at others. I believe in that colors can change your mood but I wouldn’t stop playing a game because it was all dark and gloomy. FFXV has both, when its colorful it really shines, greens are bright, and streets almost reflect sun light. For a short time there was nothing but gloom for a while and it really made me miss the sun. It’s kind of funny that a video game made me feel this way. Sometimes out in the distance you can see a thunder storm, and it makes you wonder what’s going on over there, I know that I’ll get there but for just a moment it makes you think.

Monsters have this weird pseudo-realism look to them, they are greatly designed with many taking inspiration from dinosaurs. You can probably count the individual Chocobo feathers on them or Prompto would happily do it for you. The empire and Magitek designs are dark and industrial feeling. If memory serves, I think they haven’t changed too much from when it was still called Final Fantasy XIII Versus. It doesn’t really bother me but I would have liked for the four main characters to have been more distinctive, sure you can further customize them and maybe I still haven’t collected all of the clothing / accessories and the like but they all look too much like each other at this point, for my taste.

I’ll cut to the chase before this post gets too long.

Content. Think of a large world map, now litter it with a bunch of points, these points are side quests, now spread out some more points, these are shops. Now stick a single point on the map and that’s a hunt, a mission that has you chasing down a specific creature, put another single point on the map and that’s the story mission, beat it, it changes points, and so on and so on. As you do more story quests it will lead you to more people that give you side quests. It guides you along nicely, but you might start feeling overwhelmed when you are level 20 and you still have a bunch of level 10s – 15s to do. If you do all of the side quests as you level you will definitely be over leveled for your story quests. Now you can alleviate this by doing what’s near your level and/or doing quests a few levels above you for added challenge.

Now I’m rambling, and I haven’t even touched on combat.

To finish off, I’m loving this game, game’s like this do not come around often, not of the type that you can fully immerse yourself in ( yet I only play an hour or two at a time ), anyways. I’m doing as many side quests as possible, hunts, fishing. It’s all great fun. I plan to platinum this game, but at my own pace, we’ll see.

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