Fiffty Copper’s break before Outlands

The Dark Portal

The Dark Portal
The Next part of my Journey Awaits….

Fiffty Copper

It’s been quite a long journey so far. I’ve traveled across many lands, and have seen many things, with many battles along the way. I’ve grown and learned as a person from the best of the best. A little rest is needed before I continue. I will soak in the spa, train some more and then I’m off to the next part of my adventure. The Outlands is a horrible, bad, place, rife with danger at every corner. My experience as a person isn’t the only thing that has changed. I ha

I have let my hair grow for now. In about two weeks time, I will return. Rejuvenated, Fresh, Powerful, and ready for action. So until then, I urge you to relax and enjoy your life. Do not take anything for granted, as it can all change at the drop of a copper. Be well.

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How I’ve changed:


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