Poi – Mario 64 in 2016 – Entry #2

Poi – Mario 64 in 2016 – Entry #2


Journal – Entry #2


I was very excited to play Poi last time, and now I’ve put almost 3 hours into it and have a clearer view on it. Yes, I said it’s a Mario 64 clone, and that hasn’t changed. There are different worlds that have their own unique theme. For example, Cozy Canyon was all about greenery and water, it was a relaxing, fun, place to play in. Then there’s Magma Canyon that has a desert tone to it, with reds, and grey towers.

You start off with access to only one world, Cozy Canyon. Then you have to earn enough Medallions to enter the next area, in my case 10 to enter Magma Canyon. Each area has multiple Medallions, for example, CC has one for collecting 7 Coins, another has you simply climbing a windmill. They get more creative with one having you play hide and seek or collecting seeds. Your airship aka the world hub, introduces new characters that have their own ships. To reach them you simply jump off your boat and

Along the way you collect coins that go into your stash. These coins can then be used to purchase items that help you. You can buy the very useful compass, that points you in the direction of the objective. A telescope that allows you to see far, or a shovel to dig fossils.

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