Moco’s Shorts! Contrast

Moco’s Shorts! Contrast


Moco’s Shorts! – Contrast


I went into Contrast only knowing that it’s a platformer with a heavy 1930’s to 1950’s vibe ( not sure on the time period ). I was partially right. I’d say, it’s more of a simple puzzle game, more on that later. Contrast follows a young girl who is the only person that can see our main playable character. From what I played it seems centered around helping her father out. Her mother tells her, that he left them, but there is more to it than that, so I won’t spoil the story. The interesting thing is that you play as an ‘Acrobatic Looking Girl’ (here forth known as AG), and what is so interesting is that she has the power to merge into walls and use shadows as platforms. This brings up an interesting gaming mechanic.

20161022102809_1Outside of being a shadow you can move lights around to cast shadows on walls, moving platforms, pretty much. You have to move spotlights all around, making a path to get to the next area. This type of ‘puzzle’ happened frequently from my brief 30 minute play time. This is also why I called it a simple puzzle game earlier. It was fun, one moment I had to run along two billboards while the young girl followed me around. with a spotlight, I had to make a jump in human form, then quickly change back to shadow form, pretty cool. The music really stands out, it has this old jazzy feel to it, with a female vocal. It captures that time period perfectly. Even the way people speak to each other feels authentic ( even though all my knowledge is from old movies ).

There are collectibles as well scattered about. One thing I didn’t like was that some were needed to continue past a certain area. Thinking back on it, I liked what I played, BUT I didn’t think it was amazing. It just didn’t ‘click’ for me. This is why I am giving Contrast the Bronze Trophy.


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