Ghetto Azeroth – Chapter 11 – Entry #2 – Blasted Lands (Levels 55– 58)

Fiffty Copper - Ghetto Azeroth
Fiffty Copper – Ghetto Azeroth

Ghetto Azeroth – Chapter 11 – Entry #2 – Blasted Lands (Levels 55– 58)
The Blood Mage

Grol had the upper hand, we were underwater and while, yes, I am trained for all the elements, it still didn’t make it easier, considering Grol looked comfortable as well. He clasped both hands together and set them up above his head and crashed them down, causing a huge gust of current. It took me off balance and pushed me a good distance away from him. I used my ‘Flying Serpent Kick’ to get back into his personal space.

I usually use ‘fists of fury’ without weapons, (swords, Staffs, etc) but this time I had a fist weapon and a sword, and I intended to use them. First I clapped his head with my hands, disorienting it, then I used my ‘fists of fury’. The fist weapon would put dents into his ogre body, feeling huge amounts of pressure with each hit and my sword was puncturing him, letting fountains of blood come out from  every where. Sometimes I put my enemies out of misery, this was not one of those times.

The last amulet (Sevine) was easy, I just spoke to a murloc and he gave it to me, and asked me to help him but it wasn’t mandatory. I made my choice and I would help him.

Summoning Loramus
Summoning Loramus

My next quest was to gather Loramus Thalipedes’ body parts. The head was in a nearby cave, inside a chest. I returned all the parts, and I was told a powerful altar was close by. I was to put all the body parts on it and summon the demon, and to stop any forces that would try and stop the resurrection. Resurrection successful. I headed back to the cave to speak with Loramus.

Summoning Razelikh

Everything is ready, the amulets and Loramus, it was time to summon Razelikh. The ritual starts and I start getting antsy. A figure starts to slowly flicker in front of us. Razelikh has arrived. I call out “GO LEFT!” Loramus goes left he sets up a round house kick, I set up mine, each of us on both sides. Razelikh’s body didn’t know which way to go, Raz jumps back and starts a chant. A LOUD crackling sound occurs and at the same time I am falling to the floor.

The Dark Portal
The Dark Portal

Loramus had pushed me backwards out of the way and taken the spell damage. I get myself up and run towards Loramus, leaping on his back and jumping off it towards Razelikh. I swing my right foot connecting a somersault, with my foot connecting to his chin. He falls on his back and I land on my feet. I take my sword and plunge it in his face holding the hilt and cutting him open from face to stomach. The screams were horrible, and the job was done.

I had done everything I needed to. I heard rumblings of the great portal being open to the outlands.

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