Introducing, Moco Shorts! – Bite Sized Impressions!


Like alot of people I have a large backlog of steam games just waiting to be played. Most are there because they came with another game I wanted via bundle.  Others are there from the famous steam sales that Valve does, and they get lost in the mix. In an effort to fix this I will be using a website that chooses a random game from you library and shows you it. I will be playing whatever game shows up, even if it’s something I’ve played before.

The duration is 30 minutes of playing. Which is short enough to get a decent impression of what the game is, and not long enough to overstay its welcome. Then I will write about it shortly after it, maybe I’ll revisit them if they are good enough. Here we go. If you want use this as motivation to shorten your backlog, I find writing about it helps alot.

The Random Game Picker can be found here:

Moco has held a controller ever since the Atari 2600 days, to the current PlayStation 4. Ever since I was little I loved to write, so here I am doing what I love most. Only second to actually playing them, I’m writing about Video Games. So stay a while and listen, you might just like what you read.

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