City Car Driving – Home Edition – Day 1

City Car Driving – Home Edition – Day 1


City Car Driving – Home Edition
Journal – Day 1

Toutsideviewoday I came a across a driving game called ‘City Car Driving’. It’s not a run of the mill racer but more of a simulation. You have to put on your seat belt, use your turn signals and use a clutch  while driving. Initially all of this could be overwhelming, but after a few tries it becomes second nature and I had it down. The first session teaches you all of this and the next few tests teach you how to parallel park, put your car in neutral, and use the handbrake properly.

At the end of your instructions, all of the skills you have learned are put to use. You have to make sure to obey the speed limit, use the proper signal technique, etc. It was pretty fun, and I can see this being used as a good training tool. The graphics aren’t flashy but they do the job and fit nicely. If I had an issue, it would be with the controls. I had a problem setting the controls to my xbox controller ( analogs didn’t work ) so I couldn’t properly test it out. Using the keyboard just doesn’t do the game justice, it doesn’t feel natural.

Minor gripes aside, I enjoyed this session, and am looking forward to the next.

bronze2.5 / 5.0

Fun simulation, with limited controller support.

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