Ghetto Azeroth – Chapter 13 – Blasted Lands (Levels 55– 58)

Fiffty Copper - Ghetto Azeroth
Fiffty Copper – Ghetto Azeroth

Ghetto Azeroth – Chapter 11 – Entry #1 – Blasted Lands (Levels 55– 58)
The Blood Mage

I met a Blood Mage in a cave close to Nethergarde Keep. She was hungry and she wanted me to kill some Ashmane. My first quest from her was pretty funny, you would expect a blood mage to want certain powers potions, or relics. Nope, she wanted five Ashmane steaks to eat.

Worgen Ship Crash Site
Worgen Ship Crash Site

The next quest was serious.  I was to extract Hyena and Basilisks blood. There was a cult that wanted to summon a demon called Razelikh. We can’t allow them to do it, so our plan is to summon it ourselves and kill it before the cultists can.  To summon the demon we need three amulets. Allistarj the first demon was dead, but he did lock his amulet away.

The second amulet, owned by Sevine, is in the hands of a murloc.

Finally, the third and last amulet is in the hands of Grol the ogre. This is turning out to be quite the adventure.

The first amulet, Allistarj was simple. It was just incased in a lock box. Open for anyone to take. I made the mistake of thinking Grol’s amulet would be just as easy to take. There was a chest in front of me, with a staff piercing a skull. I opened it and then Grol materialized behind me.

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