Ghetto Azeroth – Chapter 12 – Entry #2 – Un’Goro Crater (Levels 50 – 55) – Lar’Kowi

Chapter 12 – Entry #1 – Un’Goro Crater (Levels 50  – 55)
The Bloodpetals & The Greedy Goblins

Fiffty Copper - Ghetto Azeroth
Fiffty Copper – Ghetto Azeroth

Bloodpetals of Un’Goro Crater

Juvenile Blood Petals after hatching
Juvenile Blood Petals after hatching

I had an interesting quest, I was to acquire Bloodpetals. The interesting part is how they work. They are a circular form with spikes all over. They drop seeds once they mature, over a river. Then the river’s current brings it to an calm area where the seeds hatch into eggs, and then a Bloodpetal is born.

The Bloodpetals evolve into a deadly walking plant. They form gangs and if you attack one, the whole pack comes after you. I had to decimate six gangs of them. It was as simple as that.

Torwa Pathfinder and the Lar’Kowi

The Ravasaur
The Ravasaur

Lar’Kowi was a BEAST. Torwa Pathfinder’s brother took a piece of Lar’Kowi’s kill without knowing. It followed him for days destroying everything in it’s path. Torwa’s, brother, scared, decided to leave Un’Goro Crater behind, Unfortunately, Lar’Kowi killed Torwa’s brother before he could leave. I decided that I would avenge his death. The plan was to get close enough to the ravasaur’s eggs, the female would come to protect them, I would slay them and take from them, their glands. These glands produced an awful smell, that lets males know they are ready to breed. I needed two of them.

I took chunks of meat into an open area and smeared the glands liquid all over it and waited nearby. It took about five minutes before the Ravasaur came charging my way. I immediately stuck my sword into his side, ran, jumped, using my sword as a spring to plunge my other sword into his neck. Massive amounts of blood came pouring out. The scream it let out pierced my ears, as I decapitated it. I’m sure Torwa would want to know how he was killed, and I would spare no details.

I brought Lar’Kowi’s head to Torwa, and he thanked me. It was a satisfying quest.


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