Ghetto Azeroth – Chapter 11 – Entry #3 – Tanaris (Levels 45 – 50) – The Gadgetzan Arena

Fiffty Copper - Ghetto Azeroth
Fiffty Copper – Ghetto Azeroth

Chapter 11 – Entry #3 –  Tanaris (Levels 45  – 50)
Dr. Dealwell – Fight Promoter
The Arena

The Ginormus
The Ginormus

In Gadgetzan there is an arena that I was interested in competing in. Dr. Dealwill was the Fight Promoter. I spoke to him and the first fight was scheduled, nice and quick. Up first was ‘The Ginormus’ A tall muscular man that was dressed in S&M gear. This guy was a brute, he came at me with his right hand in the air, ready to strike me. I rolled towards the left, giving him a swift kick to the back of the head as his hand hit the hot sand. Guys like these are very strong but very slow as well. I rolled again, this time positioning my self towards his left temple. I flew upwards with a somersault kick, it connected and he fell flat down, on his side. This fight was over.

WoWScrnShot_073016_125927My next opponent was a monstrous troll with a broken tusk. He charged me full on, catching me off guard. I was flown backwards, hitting the ground with a loud thump. I got up as quickly as I could, and he charged again, this time I was ready for it. I side stepped him and performed a round house kick, it didn’t seem to do much, only making him angrier. This one didn’t learn as he charged yet again. I sent out a single punch just as we was about to get within punching distance, the punch connected to it’s stomache, and he did some kind of jolting dance backwards as he fell back trying to regain a solid footing, again and again, until he fell down. He lay there out of breath, I had won.


My last opponent was Sarinexx, a huge purple tarantula mixed with a head-grabber, roach looking thing. I usually don’t bring out my weapons unless I really have to and this time I had to. This thing was like punching a concrete wall. If it weren’t for my well trained fists, I would have broken them. We were dancing in circles, I’d jab, it would use its shell for defense. We did this for about 20 minutes. It pays to be patient because the thing took a leap backwards, hesitated for a second then straight lunged at me with such a force, and unexpectedness that I had an auto-reaction and I stuck both of my swords up.

Looks like his stomache was it’s weakness, It just stood there on top of me, it took me a few minutes to actually realize it was dead.

The Arena match was over. I had killed all of my opponents.

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