Starcraft 2 Printable Unit Counter Sheet – Protoss, Terran, Zerg – Legacy of the Void, Heart of the Swarm, Wings of Liberty

Starcraft-2-Legacy-of-the-Void-feature-672x372Starcraft 2 Legacy of the Void (LotV) –  Protoss Unit Counter Sheet

Charts are Accurate as of 10-16-2016

Protoss chart: After a long delay (almost 6 months) and massive amounts of procrastination the third and final printable Protoss unit counter sheet is out. I tried making this one look better and easier to read than the others, I hope it is. Using my past charts has really helped me learn counters. Please give me some feedback down below on what you think of the charts, thank you. Starcraft 2 also received a platinum trophy, the review can be read here:


Protoss Chart:


Terran Chart: 


Zerg Chart:



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