Ghetto Azeroth – Westfall – A Westfall Murder – (Levels 10 – 15)

I am Fiftty Copper!
I am Fiftty Copper!

Fiffty Copper’s Ghetto Azeroth
Chapter 2 – Westfall
A Westfall Murder
Levels 10 – 15

Level 15
Level 15

The first thing I saw once I arrived in Westfall, was a corpse  surrounded by people, this was not surprising. The local soldier asked me to investigate. First I would have to ask around to see if anyone knew about him. These bums were tight-lipped, I had to offer some copper for them to talk, and even then, some of them would turn on me and fight. Rough times.

I came back to the murder scene and reported my findings. Next, they left me to seek out a specific band of hobos. There were four of them and again my martial arts prowess is no joke. I had a strange feeling that something was going to happen. but  nothing ever did, it was probably the hogger stew I ate earlier.  The case went cold and off I went to perform random acts of kindness.

Westfall Coastline
Westfall Coastline

Westfall was shady as usual, it’s nothing but dried up soil, homeless people ready to fight at a moments notice. The scarecrow machine was always interesting to me. Looking at it, occupied me for a minute or two. I wondered if it would scare off druggies tripping on who knows what. I had seen it before but it was nice to look at, and that’s how bored I was.

The best thing I got to see in my time there (besides pops) was the beautiful shore again. I stood there just staring out to the sea, it reminded me of a much better place that I heard of and could not wait to get to. Redridge Mountains.

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