New webpage theme, I am still tweaking it, my ghetto azeroth series is about to launch


A Beautiful Nagrand Picture
A Beautiful Nagrand Picture

I picked a new website theme, and am pretty happy with it. I am still tweaking here and there though. My ‘Ghetto Azeroth’ is done in the sense that I burned out doing it, but not in the fact that I’m still enjoying to play the game. I kept it up to level 77 and a little montage from 77 to  80. So that would have been 20 levels left. I just couldn’t keep up with writing the quests as the amount of them increased by a lot as the expanions came out.

I have multiple posts on the same zone, and as I wrote, I’d like to say my writing as a skill improved, but I can’t be the judge of that. Posts are to come out on Monday’s with any further of the same zone will be on Wednesday, and further on Fridays. My character makes progress in quests as well as a man, and building character. There will be posts outside of just questing, little vignettes about fishing, flying and other unique topics will be here as well

I would greatly appreciate any and all comments that you post, even if its just a couple of words. With that said I hope you enjoy the series and have a nice day.

Thank You for your time.

Moco has held a controller ever since the Atari 2600 days, to the current PlayStation 4. Ever since I was little I loved to write, so here I am doing what I love most. Only second to actually playing them, I’m writing about Video Games. So stay a while and listen, you might just like what you read.

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