Who is Fiffty Copper? This is my story, as told by me. RAW & Uncut

Who is Fiffty Copper? This is my story, as told by me. RAW & Uncut
This is who I am!
Finally coming out of the shadows to tell my story!

Welcome to my world, where I work my way from Elwynn Forest to many different lands thought to be lost. These are my stories seen through my eyes. This is my journey, my calling, my passion. This is….

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Westfall Ghetto aka Home
Westfall Ghetto aka Home

Hello everyone, my name is Fiffty Copper and I am 21 years old. I grew up in the harsh town of Westfall, A hobo filled town where murders happen frequently and no-one gives a damn about it.

Westfall is a bleak place, brown is all around you, causing a pessimistic like feeling in our daily life. Thugs are all over the place, that will slit your mother’s throat for just a few gold. Mechanical Scarecrows that let out huge noises to scare the crows away, the downside is you are constantly waking up from your sleep, that or it’s someone trying to steal from you.

I never knew my mother, she died during childbirth, my father did the best he could raising me in such a bad area. We almost didn’t have any food, nevermind enough to pack up and leave the place. My father was very good friends with a martial artist who was a grand master, and had achieved black & red belts. The highest rank you could get. I was about 4 years old when I started learning the basics. The teacher was hard on me, but that’s what I needed, to learn.

I believe in this journey I will meet life long friends, I will defeat anyone who stands in my way. Martial Arts is my specialization and I’m a huge fan of practicing. I often get surrounded by three to four enemies, they underestimate me, but they’re all lying on the ground by the time I’m finished Tonus Danzcha style (A Great Grand Master Troll).

Another one of my hobbies is Hip-Hop, Rap. I loved putting rhymes together. Someone once said rapping is like a jig-saw puzzle, you try to make as many rhyming words as possible and make them fit into sentences. In the future I would like to host rap battles with gold prizes, trivia, that sort of thing.

The Westfall Shore
The Westfall Shore

The only thing I loved about Westfall was it’s beautiful shore. Every morning I would run there as part of my training exercises and watch it rise.


This is my play through of World of Warcraft told as my character would. I am by no means a professional writer but I had tons of fun writing this, and I still continue. Fiffty Copper is a strong, smart person. Every five ‘levels’ a picture is taken to see my armor progress.

These are some of my goals:

1. Establish a Guild – Completed – Azeroth Prophets
2. Establish a chain of trust worthy people for said Guild
3. Try to set up concerts that include, Rap Battles, Trivia, and gold for the winner.

I’ve had a lot of fun playing, and I hope it comes across my writing style.

Thank You for reading, and……… (keep scrolling)

I am Fiffty Copper, and these are my adventures!
I am Fiffty Copper, and these are my adventures!


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