The Outfit – A Moba-ish game that came out before it’s time

The Outfit
The Outfit

A fun MOBA type game that came out before it’s time

In my opinion, The Outfit was an extremely underrated game. The game had a multiplayer demo before it came out, and this was still during the Xbox 360’s early launch. The feedback the game was getting was extremely good, and a lot of people were saying they loved it and would be buying it, myself included. Unfortunately, nobody did buy it and the game flopped.

Relic was the creator of The Outfit and they were best known for real-time strategy games like Company of Heroes and Warhammer.

Multiplayer was the heart of the game and it didn’t really go with the single player (story wise, even gameplay wise). You would choose one of three heroes, each specialized in different weapons, sniper, rocket launcher etc. NPC soldiers would appear on the map and by killing them you would gain points. You then used those points to summon turrets and vehicles.

The fun of it was that you could place tons of turrets all over the place covering different angles as you inch further and further towards taking over points on the map. Buildings were destructible as well. There is not really much else I could say, it sounds simple, but simple can be great fun too.

The thrill of summoning a turret and then watching a soldier parachuting in to man it was awesome. Blasting walls with your tanks to gain an edge in battle by coming from behind while the enemy’s turrets were faced in the opposite direction, came with great excitement, and when finally the match was over you could blow out a sigh of relief and enjoy your hard earned victory. This was what The Outfit was about. Good, Classic, and fun gameplay.

Unfortunately, the game didn’t perform as well as it should have and a sequel was never made. If you ever come across it, it should only be a couple of bucks and although the online part of the game is dead, you can still play it with friends.


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