I’m ready to announce something…. I’m in love with Overwatch!

The end of an Overwatch battle
The end of an Overwatch battle

I’m in love with a game called Overwatch <3

I’m in love, and it’s a deep love. A love that I would sound cliche and scream it from the rooftops. A game that I initially didn’t even like all that much, even it’s father was the mightiest of kings but I still had doubt. I visit my love daily now, and daily I learn new things about her.

There is some thing here for every type of player. Are you a Call of Duty player?  Well there is Soldier 76.

Soldier 76
Soldier 76

Soldier 76 has an infinite running ability (not all characters can run) he also carries an assault rifle / machine gun. He has a healing pod type object that you can plop down, during every encounter to give you an edge. His ultimate move is auto-targeting all the enemy’s, meaning you do not have to aim you just point in a general direction and shoot. He is one of my favorites and great fun to play. His voice sounds like Clint Eastwood and he even says a signature Eastwood line “Get off my lawn” His gun makes satisfying sounds, like there is alot of power to it and he doesn’t die too quickly. I find him a little over powered, the way he can lay down his healing pod and it has a short cooldown on it gives him a pretty good advantage.


We then have Reaper, a “Death” styled character. He dual wields pistols and is an up-close type of player. From a far, you would be lucky to get a hit, but near enemies his shots drain health with the quickness.  When you reload he just tosses his pistols to the ground and gets new ones. He can move covered in smoke and is impossible to damage in that state, and he can teleport to catch the enemy by surprise. His ultimate has him spinning in circles guns, blazing, and killing anything that gets in his way. Although I do like his ultimate I think it is a little under powered at the moment. It may just be the way I play though, but whenever I use it I am quick to die. So I think using it when your group is near is the key.

Those are just two characters, Overwatch has 25 each very unique and fill with personality. I’m constantly finding new characters that I enjoy playing as and as expected, Blizzard once again shows why it is one of the best developers out there.

I’ll be posting about this game for a long time to come, until next time, thanks for reading.

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