What is Paladins – Champions of the Realm?

Paladins Beta
A quick breakdown of what the game is.

If you like games like Team Fortress 2, and recently Overwatch, then this game is for you. Personally I think it’s the best of this type around.

Let’s get started.

The Makers of Smite come back with a fun, refreshing, First Person Shooter

As they say, third time’s the charm (I didn’t like Overwatch, and Battleborn), because Paladins has that ‘it’ factor for me.

You do not die in an instant like other games in the genre. It has a more “halo-like” health system so that even though you are getting hit, you have more than just a few seconds to turn the battle in your favor. Especially using the Card system.

The card aspect of the game is really well done, and is one of the things that helps differentiate from the others. You can make decks centered around one skill, or mix and match to get more health, further rolls, or heal yourself on the killing blow. You have four slots for your custom decks as well.

There are currently three game modes. Capture, Payload, and Survival. Capture has you fighting for a control spot, after it has been taken over, a machine spawns that you must stay near, to bring it into the enemy’s fortress. Kind of like Team Fortress 2. A new mode called Survivor is just as it sounds, one death and you’re out.

There are currently 14 characters, with a new one added about once a month. Patches come are usually released once a week and sometimes they blind side you with it’s contents. They took out a game mode, and put in a brand new one for a for instance.

The Card System

The Card system is what makes this great game stand out from the pack. You buy cards for you favorite hero common, rare, legendary, etc.

You have 12 points that you have to use. Each card has a point value on it. Legendaries cost three points, rare two, common one, etc. For example, one deck could be three legendaries, one rare, and one common.

Do you like playing as Cassie?, well she has a move that fires laser arrows, you can put a card that makes it shoot 3 arrows in a wide range. There is a skill that grants you extra damage if you hit an enemy coming off from your roll. You can also add a card that takes off 3 seconds off the roll cooldown if the arrow makes contact.

 I’ve played countless hours of it and I still love it. This game is a Platinum for me.


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