Alien: Isolation – Journal – Day ‘1’

alienlogoDoes Alien Provide a good horror atmospheric game?

I went into Alien with no expectations, if anything they were low from some of the reviews I’ve read. I read how that you can go on for a long time to get to a Save spot. I also read that there is alot of going back to places you’ve been before, that I can’t confirm as I’ve only played 3 hours so far. As for the save spot problem, I’m not noticing any long points between them.

Do not read the next part as they contain minor spoilers.


Paying attention to your surroundings is a must, you can find crafting items, to make medkits for example. There are also underground vents that you have to look for, I spent like 30 minutes roaming around until I saw a vent door at my feet.

This session was pretty fun, I look forward to playing more, I give this game a gold Trophy.

Play Session: 3 hours

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