Tom Clancy’s The Division – Journal – Day ‘4’

day4Person Vs Person vs Computer

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 classicpicThe Dark Zone is The Division’s version of PVP. A large part of the map is dedicated to the mode, and highlighted purple to know it’s boundaries. You can go in solo but you are better off matchmaking. DZ is where the game has the best equipment as well. It also consists of NPCs which drop loot. You grab the loot and go to the extraction area, let the game know you are ready to pick up your items by firing a flare. You then have to fend off enemies for about a minute and a half because when you die you drop all your loot. Your loot stays on the ground for either you to pick it up again or another person out there. It’s a real fun mode and a nice break from doing side missions, etc.

snowingDZ is separated by levels, and Contamination areas. There are also chests around but you need a key to access it and all I’ve seen are level 30 chests. That’s another thing, you have your normal game level and a DZ level. There are vendor’s just for DZ credits as well. With all that out of the way I can tell you, The Dark Zone is a pretty damn good game mode, with a squad of 4 people going around hunting for enemies is pure fun. Just today I had a skirmish that lasted about 5 minutes, it was tough and exciting.

There’s a limit to how many items you can pick up in the DZ, when you reach your limit you have to go to an extraction zone. There you shoot your flare and wait about 2 minutes for the helicopter to come in and take your items from you. This is where the unknown comes into play. At any time another player can kill you and take your items, if he does it he goes rogue. That means anyone can attack and kill him without receiving a penalty and rogue status can last about 90 seconds. I hope they put in a deathmatch, capture the flag, or domination style modes, with that, this game would be perfect.


Hours Played – 37h 11m
Level – 18
Story % – 62

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