Tom Clancy’s The Division – Journal – Day ‘3’

day3The more I play the more I like it

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I’m near 30 hours played, at 56% story complete, and am not yet sick of it. I still have missions, encounters, missing agents, and echos to do. Take a look at the divisionmappicture to the right. There is tons to do, and I still haven’t unlocked everything yet. Today I just found out about , in Diablo terms, ‘Enchanting’ your weapons. What this does is , you can take a stat from your weapon say + 4% Burn Reduction, and replace it with a list of about 3-5 different stats that they give you, say you would like to replace it with,+ 5% XP on kill. It’s a great system that helps maxing out your damage, health, or skill power, it will become extremely useful during the end game. Which I’ll get into a later date.
TD1243I’ve been doing a lot of running around lately, trying to activate all my safe houses which allow me to teleport across the map and I have noticed that i’ts kind of getting annoying (running at a slow pace). I would really love a motorcycle or something, it would fit the game nicely, well maybe not since I bet that there is no gas available, BUT there’s always the chance of regular bikes. No game is perfect and The Division has been pretty solid for me. The only major problem I’ve had were destination points. For example, I set a checkpoint on the map, and over the Security Credits point. I get there and I do not see anything, I look for openings into the alley ways and I still don’t see anything. Then the game map says I have to go around the block, and once there I find the same thing, no side entrances. I’m sure it’s my fault but it could be a little better.


Hours Played – 32h 31m
Level – 16
Story % – 56.25

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