Tom Clancy’s The Division – Journal – Day ‘1’ Introduction

introductionDoes Tom Clancy’s The Division deliver?

divisionss1Let me start off by saying this game is excellent anyone on the fence should just go out and buy it now. So I’m up and ready by 9:00AM with the store opening at 10. I get together my bills that must be paid and know that it would occupy some time to pay them.  I play pinball and I notice that time flew by and it is now 9:35. I head out. It’s March 8th and it’s unusually warm during the winter.I go and pick up my copy of The Division for the PC. Why choose that version? Because I figure that my computer can handle the game better then consoles, BUT the PC version will not have as many players.

I can get better graphics and I do, almost everything on high settings. The other reason is that my xbox membdoingthecongaership is overdue, and I can’t afford it right now. After a few errands it’s time to drive home, the drive is quick and the sun is beaming, I can’t wait to pop the install disk in, except that it’s 5 DVDs and I say “screw that”, I’d just download the game off Uplay. It downloads at a steady 20 Megabytes, so in 15 minutes I’m playing. The screenshot to the left shows people making a line, it was kind of cool and I took the picture. I played for 5 hours and those impressions come tomorrow. Overall the day couldn’t have gone any better.

Session #1
Hours Played: 5 Hours

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