Styx: Master of Shadows


Stealth Type: Pure Stealth

I’ve read a few reviews of Styx and they all mention the word ‘Frustrating’. I wouldn’t really call it that though, as it’s not supposed to be like Metal Gear, or Hitman, or the tons of other types of stealth games out there. Styx is mostly pure stealth, as in getting caught does not end the game for the most part, though in some cases it does end the game too, but i don’t think its trying to be any of those other games, and I respect that.

It’s refreshing, I died, ALOT, and I do mean ALOT, like 9 hours of playing and only on the 3rd level alot, but it does not stop me from wanting to get back into the game, and make progress. With each live I made progress until finally finishing the level and that comes with great satisfaction.

Each level has multiple ways to complete it, you have torches to put out so you can easily blend into the darkness, you have sand to throw at said torches from afar. Enemies have their own paths that you will learn and so that you may attack when the time is right. When you engage the enemy you can parry their attacks but the time frame is a little too short for my tastes, But you can change that by investing your skill points into something that makes the parry window longer.

So yes, Styx has RPG like skill tree’s, with beating each level and completing objectives you gain points, you then go into your hideout where you restock on life vials, amber vials ( magic pretty much) and Daggers to chuck at enemies from afar. This game is fun, a pure ‘game’ You know what you have to do, you know the rules, and you have the tools to do it and you just go at it. It really is a pleasure. With that said, I give the game a Gold Trophy.

Time Played: 9.3 Hours

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