Of Orcs and Men – Journal Day ‘1’

Of Orcs and Men


A surprisingly solid game (so far).

Of Orcs and Men enemies
Of Orcs and Men

Play Session #1 – Of Orcs and Men

I picked up this week’s humble bundle, which included Of Orcs and Men, (Styx, Bound by Blade, Pix the Cat, and Contrast) among others, it’s a pretty decent bundle. The plot is simple, your mission is to traverse land and eliminate a figure, for now it’s as simple as that. What I found pretty awesome is that, Styx is your guide, you actually get to control him as well. Even though this game came out in 2012 and Styx 2014 the graphics still hold up well. I like crossover games and wish there were more of them, kind of like what Marvel is doing with their movie properties, and what Square does with their Final Fantasy series.

Of Orcs and Men

Combat is simple, (I’m using a controller) Sadly the game teaches you to play with a keyboard and mouse, so there aren’t any xbox 360 controller button images but that’s nitpicking. You click ‘Left Bumper’ and a Radial Menu pops up with the available actions. You can queue up 4 to 5 attack skills press ‘Left Bumper’ again and then it performs the move.

Clicking the ‘Right Bumper’ brings up your defensive Radial. Switching characters can be done on the fly with by pressing ‘Y’, and changing who you would like to attack can be done with the D-Pad. It’s all real easy and fun to do. I hope the game continues on this fun path. I haven’t really played enough to get a feel for the story or even if the combat will get old. I’ll see though, until the next journal.

Play Time: 49 Minutes


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