Warhammer – The End of Times – Vermintide

vermlogoCan this Left 4 Dead  Type of Game hold it’s own?

InnVermintide is a welcome game to those who enjoyed L4D, and it also comes at a time I was looking for one like it. It changes the formula up by adding rpg style loot if you make it to the end.

There are 5 classes to choose from. The duel wield gunner, The Dwarf Ranger, The bow carrying Way watcher and 13 maps total, with more unlocked every 4 levels.  The AI is decent, I was expecting to have them just stand there and do nothing , but if you fight they fight too, and help you out if you’re in an immovable state.

Vermintide’s enemies are varied, and nice looking. You have your basic rats that come out at you in drove’s, Others that are more heavily armored and have hard hitting weapons. These it’s best to hit in the head. Other enemies are directly taken from L4D, the beast with it’s long tongue rendering you immovable as an example.

My main gripe against Vermintide is it’s stage length, expect to be playing for 20-30 minutes on maps. I’d take 15 – 20 min maps. The types of maps kind of mesh together as well, some variety would be nice.

With all said and done I give Warhammer: The End of Times a Silver trophy.

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