Disgaea 4 – A Promise Unforgotten – Journal ‘2’

Disgaea 4 Title PicturePart 2 of Disgaea’s Journal Entry

 Journal Day ‘1’ Entry

There are now what I like to call ‘Shrines’ these occupy about 6 squares on the grid, depending on the shrine. For example there is a Shrine that boosts XP, you place the shrine down, and it occupies the shape of a + (plus) sign, so you have 3 spaces to place characters on and one space to place a leader character on. You can set up your main character in the leader block, and 3 more characters in the others. Now when the leader gains XP everyone else on those blocks get it too. It’s a nice addition, and piles more game play onto an already jam packed game.

I’m not even done explaining the game but I’ll cut it here so that I’ll have more information on the next post.

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