Disgaea 4 – A Promise Unforgotten – Journal Day ‘1’

Disgaea 4 Title PictureA Deep, Highly Customizable Beast of a Game!

I’ll say this right off the bat, whether you’re a hardcore fan or a first time noobie, THIS game is FAN-FUCKING-TASTIC! I love to customize, Using friends names as your characters, sparks some kind of attachment for me. Disgaea 4 has a ton of options. You can name your weapons, choose voices for your created characters, and have access to 40+ classes.

Name Your Characters? Check
Create You Characters and choose a voice for them out of 3 options? Check
Upgrade your weapon to absurd levels by literally going inside them – Check
Name said weapon and make it personal – Check

I’m not even finished either. The sprites are ridiculously and fantastically drawn, the details on the characters, are better then ever (judging by previous entries), and the special moves are bombastic and pack a hard hitting thump.

Without spoiling the story, it’s as wacky as ever, our main hero is a vampire but he doesn’t
feed off humans, instead he eats Sardines, there are some out there funny left field moments too, I won’t spoil it here though. The prinnies are in danger of extermination, and they call this ‘The Prinny Wars’ That’s as far I’ll go. I would love to have been there for the vocal recording sessions, they sound like they had a lot of fun doing them.

The game is pure Disgaea_4_Screenshotfun, and there are some new mechanics thrown in, gone are the classroom voting system. In it’s place lays a map with squares from all ends. As a series staple, you can place your heroes on these squares, next to each other to get combo attacks on the battlefield.  I’m going to cut the post off here since I have more to post but do not want to make this one longer than normal.

Playtime: 6 Hours

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