How Mastermind Hideo Kojima – Metal Gear Solid V – The Phantom Pain Made my Birthday!!

“Happy Birthday to me! Thank you ‘Master Mind’ ‘Hideo Kojima’ “
“The surprise that made my day”

This is my story about Metal Gear Solid’s very cool Easter Egg. My day started like any other day, I went to a place that I knew had the date and my birthday info there but no “Happy Birthday” from the person, I then checked in to the next person, again same thing, no “Happy Birthday” I was a tiny bit bummed out.

I got home and my parents were up, no happy b-day again, its ok though because they were just getting up and no need to expect anything.

I fire up Metal Gear Solid: Phantom Pain like any other day, played through and beat a mission. Someone radio’d in saying they had to meet me at the mother base, it sounded important, so I went expecting some story cut scene. I land (by hellicopter) Some people walked towards me. Then the next guy came.

Carrying a……. BIRTHDAY CAKE!!!! Then they all start singing happy birthday to me, my mom came in the room having heard it, and wished me happy b-day too. This was not expected at all, I absolutely DID NOT expect this. This made the start of my day fantastic, and the rest went great.

I played some games, went to my brothers house where we ate and hung out with family. Later that night I got ‘Punch Club’ to top it all off and it’s a pretty good/fun game. This was my best birthday in years, it had all the right ingredients, Family/Chilling/Gaming.

Thank You Hideo Kojima for including something that may have been a small gesture, yet made a Huge impact on my day.


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